Friday, 11 March 2011

#500 - "The Fun Of Watching Fireworks" - American Analog Set

Released On:  Emperor Jones, 1996

Minimalism, pure and simple :P  Imagine it as the soundtrack to your half-remembered, artistically lit dreams, semi-obscured by the sun and slathered in the lo-fi aesthetic that ruled the American indie underground in the 1990s.  It's trance-inducing head-nodder shit, perfect for keeping the perfect middle of your buzz going on an even keel.

Where You Might Know It From:  The end theme of "The Time Traveler's Wife", that 2009 movie that jerked tears but I somehow forgot to watch, is "Gone To Earth".

Track Listing:
1.  Diana Slowburner II (5:22)
2.  On The Run's Where I'm From (6:14)
3.  On My Way (9:50)
4.  Dim Stars (The Boy In My Arms) (6:15)
5.  Gone To Earth (7:02)
6.  Trespassers In The Stereo Field (1:21)
7.  Too Tired To Shine II (6:04)
8.  It's Alright (1:47)

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