Wednesday, 23 March 2011

#483 - "Icky Mettle" - Archers Of Loaf

Released On:  Alias Records, 1993

A roaring debut album from North Carolina that was so great it was impossible for the band to ever follow it up. Swirling, punchy guitars jump out of every track and are wrestled into place by the drank-all-night vocals of Eric Bachmann.  Song after song careens wildly and lurches like all those great, sodden nights you had in university, crammed together into the space of an album.  An Nineties indie rock classic to measure all future indie rock classics against, to be sure.

Where You'd Know It From:  People who went to college in the Nineties and fell in love with indie rock.  They've never really gotten their due from the mainstream press; no one seems to go apeshit over rumours of reunion tours, unlike their contemporaries Pavement and Guided By Voices.

Track Listing:
1.  Web In Front (2:09)
2.  Last Word (3:35)
3.  Wrong (3:40)
4.  You And Me (3:10)
5.  Might (2:04)
6.  Hate Paste (2:46)
7.  Fat (1:19)
8.  Plumbline (2:09)
9.  Learo, You're A Hole (3:51)
10.  Sick File (1:42)
11.  Toast (4:38)
12.  Backwash (3:27)
13.  Slow Worm (3:32)

("Web In Front")



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