Wednesday, 16 March 2011

#492 - "Mirrored" - Battles

Released On:  Warp Records, 2007

On Mirrored Battles proved that even prog-rock could be cool.  To pull off this rather interesting miracle, they took influences ranging through prog, math, and Kraut-rock, tossed them into a digital blender and spun it.  The results came out as the most danceable complexity you're likely to come across ever.  Witness the pulse-pounding lead-ins for "Race: In" or the Wizard Of Oz-referencing "Atlas".  Check out the way chaos forms into an actual song while you listen during "Rainbow".  The cover art was perfectly apt:  you're looking in on some ultra-dimensional band from beyond - one that also happens to play drums and guitars.

Where You'd Know It From:  A waiter at the Green Room in Toronto played it endlessly, apparently.  To the point where two successive members of my family have said "ugh, this waiter at the Green Room used to play this all the time.  No, no it's good.  It's just, he used to play it all the time" whenever I put it on.  Little Big Planet used "Atlas" very convincingly on a level.

Track Listing:
1.  Race: In (4:50)
2.  Atlas (7:07)
3.  Ddiamond (2:33)
4.  Tonto (7:43)
5.  Leyendecker (2:48)
6.  Rainbow (8:11)
7.  Bad Trails (5:18)
8.  Prismism (0:52)
9.  Snare Hangar (1:58)
10.  Tij (7:03)
11.  Race: Out (3:29)

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