Monday, 24 October 2011

#438 - "Under Construction" - Missy Elliot

Released On:  Goldmind / Elektra Records, 2002

Missy Elliot kicked the door open for strange sounds in hip-hop.  There was always a certain eccentricity in sample choices but Under Construction ran that idea through a blender; in essence it's a statement of Missy as an artist coming into her own.  She's on top of her game throughout, working the floor with a wild abandon rarely seen since the genresplosion of the early 90s.  She cuts like a razor switchblade on "Gossip Folks" and has an old-school blast on "Back In The Day".  On "Work It" she gets absolutely filthy, inviting a lover to perform very specific sexual acts on her, backed by an epic club jam complete with a backmasking hook.  The guest list is a who's-who of hip hop in the early Oughts, right down to the representative Ludacris verse on "Gossip Folks".  The mix of expert beatcraft from space-age tag team Missy and Timbaland proved to be a big commercial success, moving over two million sales to date, and listening to the highly creative field of hip-hop today it's hard to imagine a world without it.  It's the sort of album that still gets played when you're out drinking.

Where'd You'd Know It From:  The club and the radio; so, everywhere.

Track Listing:
1.  Intro/Go To The Floor (5:06)
2.  Bring The Pain (ft. Method Man) (2:59)
3.  Gossip Folks (ft. Ludacris) (3:54)
4.  Work It (4:58)
5.  Back In The Day (ft. Jay-Z) (4:55)
6.  Funky Fresh Dressed (ft. Ms. Jade) (3:56)
7.  Pussycat (4:32)
8.  Nothing Out There For Me (ft. Beyonce Knowles) (3:05)
9.  Slide (3:43)
10.  Play That Beat (3:02)
11.  Ain't That Funny (2:48)
12.  Hot (4:09)
13.  Can You Hear Me (ft. TLC) (4:29)

("Work It")

("Gossip Folks")

("Bring The Pain")