Saturday, 19 March 2011

#488 - "Maybe It's Me" - Treble Charger

Released On:  Smokin' Worm / RCA, 1997

Balanced on the knife edge between the indie-ish, Built To Spill-lovin' band that came before and the trashy, boneheaded pop-punk band that would come after, Maybe It's Me is one the finest examples of "Pop-Rock" ever committed to plastic.  "Friend Of Mine" charges out of the gate like a bullet, with a distortion-wash intro fade-in that gets scratched into your soul pretty quickly.  Tracks like "Ever She Flows", "Stupid Thing To Say" and "Forever Knowing" marry the old There's Nothing Wrong With Love-style summer-breeze melodies with a confident, full-sounding alterna-rock backing.  The album centerpiece is, of course, one of the Great High School Ballads of the 90s, "Red", with it's wistful lyric and singalong chorus.  Like Heaven Tonight, it was a perfect album by a band that would never again achieve such gorgeous balance.

Where You'd Know It From:  If you grew up in Canada in the 90s, you likely know this album.  "How She Died" was used on a Hallowe'en episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Track Listing:
1.  Friend Of Mine (3:46)
2.  How She Died (3:18)
3.  Stupid Thing To Say (3:09)
4.  Kareen (4:22)
5.  Red (4:41)
6.  Fade (4:06)
7.  Ever She Flows (3:54)
8.  Forever Knowing (4:13)
9.  Mercury Smile (3:37)
10.  Christ Is On The Lawn (4:23)
11.  Scatterbrain (3:50)
12.  Takes Me Down (3:18)
13.  Left Feeling Odd (3:16)

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("Friend Of Mine")


("Ever She Flows")

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