Monday, 21 March 2011

#484 - "None Shall Pass" - Aesop Rock

Released On:  Definitive Jux, 2007

Too dense to fully grasp on first (or even second) listen, Aesop Rock's flow is a thick river of sound that packs more lyrics into sixteen bars than certain rappers can manage in entire careers.  This everflowing wellspring of words is backed up by solid production from not only longtime producer Blockhead but from the man himself (who produced five of the fourteen tracks).  Every track hits hard and every track has something great to offer, whether it's the rapid-fire automatic bursts of "Getaway Car", the light-fingered paranoia of the title track, or the way the guitar-spackled, spacy intro to the lead-off track "Keep Off The Lawn" resolves into hard-edged funk and a battering-ram first verse from Aes.  How alive?  Too alive.

Where You'd Know It From:  It's alt-rap, so hipster periodicals and mouthy hip-hop heads.

Track Listing:
1.  Keep Off The Lawn (3:45)
2.  None Shall Pass (4:03)
3.  Catacomb Kids (4:07)
4.  Bring Back Pluto (4:29)
5.  Fumes (5:00)
6.  Getaway Car (ft. Cage and Breeze Brewin') (3:15)
7.  39 Theives (ft. EL-P) (4:15)
8.  The Harbor Is Yours (3:58)
9.  Citronella (4:53)
10.  Gun For The Whole Family (ft. EL-P)
11.  Five Fingers (4:06)
12.  No City (4:28)
13.  Dark Heart News (ft. Rob Sonic) (3:59)
14.  Coffee (ft. John Darnielle) (9:34)

("Keep Off The Lawn")

("None Shall Pass")

("Dark Heart News (ft. Rob Sonic)")

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