Thursday, 31 March 2011

#474 - "Seasons In The Abyss" - Slayer

Released On:  Def American, 1990

By 1990 Slayer had already proved that they could do blisteringly fast thrash metal (Reign In Blood) and a grimmer, slower-tempo heaviness (South Of Heaven).  On Seasons In The Abyss they decided to prove that they could do both on the same album, and crafted a blood-soaked metal masterpiece.  Kicking off with the "victory means massacre" antimilitary stance of "War Ensemble" the album knocks out track after track of classic Slayer anthems, touching on war, societal decay, corruption, and good old fashioned metal Satanism.  "Dead Skin Mask" in particular is a great example of just how creepy Slayer could be, with it's eerie minor-key riff underlining the dark story of serial killer Ed Gein.  When the little boy's voice comes in near the end, those of you who don't feel an uncomfortable pressure in the pit of your stomach will at the very least get a shiver through your arms.  That's an honest metal moment.

Where You'd Know It From:  Any metalhead you ever knew, ever, had and loved this album.

Track Listing:
1.  War Ensemble (4:54)
2.  Blood Red (2:50)
3.  Spirit In Black (4:07)
4.  Expendable Youth (4:10)
5.  Dead Skin Mask (5:20)
6.  Hallowed Point (3:24)
7.  Skeletons Of Society (4:41)
8.  Temptation (3:26)
9.  Born Of Fire (3:07)
10.  Seasons In The Abyss (6:42)

("War Ensemble")

("Seasons In The Abyss")

("Dead Skin Mask")

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