Thursday, 31 March 2011

#475 - "Nine Times That Same Song" - Love Is All

Released On:  What's Your Rupture?, 2006

With their hyperactive lead singer, reverb-soaked fast-pace rhythms and wailing saxophone, Love Is All could have been carbon clones of first-wave punk icons X-Ray Spex.  There is a spiky joy to this album, though, that X-Ray Spex never really had, and a sweetness to tracks like "Turn The Radio Off" deeply root the band in the late Oughts.  Nine Times That Same Song is a rare album that draws in both the twee and the skater crowds and delivers exactly what both want:  sweet, heartbreaking melody and off-the-wall punk rhythms and energy.  Plus, with the rarity of saxophones in this generation's rock 'n roll, any album that uses them as consistently perfectly as Nine Times That Same Song does is an automatic classic.

Where You'd Know It From:  Hipsters, indie-punk enthusiasts, Swedish nationals.

Track Listing:
1.  Talk Talk Talk Talk (2:50)
2.  Ageing Has Never Been His Friend (2:45)
3.  Turn The Radio Off (3:55)
4.  Used Goods (2:20)
5.  Busy Doing Nothing (3:25)
6.  Make Out Fall Out Make Up (3:02)
7.  Felt Tip (4:18)
8.  Spinning And Scratching (3:05)
9.  Turn The TV Off (1:57)
10.  Trying Too Hard (3:25)

("Turn Off The Radio")

("Make Out Fall Out Make Up")

("Felt Tip")

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