Sunday, 13 March 2011

#497 - "Geogaddi" - Boards Of Canada

Released On:  Warp Records, 2002

The band's name was always a bit confusing for the uninitiated; they were a couple of Scots but the name came from their use of the sort of warm, warbling synths that were often found in documentary shorts by the National Film Board Of Canada.  The intent of the music was also often confusing.  The melodies and motifs they explored in their particular brand of downtempo/ambient electronic were either child-like and innocent or dark and full of a chittering paranoia, depending on who you asked.  One thing that is certain, however, is that Geogaddi is classic electronic, full of dreamscape drum patterns and wobbly synths that border on a sort of disconnected madness.  I have rarely been as unsettled by something that is, on the surface, pretty unobjectionable stuff.

Where You'd Know It From:  Do you like Top Gear?  I personally don't but "1969" and "Julie And Candy" were both used in episodes.  The album was also a Top 40 the UK...

Track Listing:
1.  Ready Let's Go (0:59)
2.  Music Is Math (5:21)
3.  Beware The Friendly Stranger (0:37)
4.  Gyroscope (3:34)
5.  Dandelion (1:15)
6.  Sunshine Recorder (6:12)
7.  In The Annexe (1:22)
8.  Julie And Candy (5:30)
9.  The Smallest Weird Number (1:17)
10.  1969 (4:20)
11.  Energy Warning (0:35)
12.  The Beach At Redpoint (4:18)
13.  Opening The Mouth (1:11)
14.  Alpha And Omega (7:02)
15.  I Saw Drones (0:27)
16.  The Devil Is In The Details (3:53)
17.  A Is To B As B Is To C (1:40)
18.  Over The Horizon Radar (1:08)
19.  Dawn Chorus (3:55)
20.  Diving Station (1:26)
21.  You Could Feel The Sky (5:14)
22.  Corsair (2:52)
23.  Magic Window (1:46)

Download It:


(Music Is Math)

(Julie And Candy)


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