Thursday, 24 March 2011

#481 - "Under The Bushes Under The Stars" - Guided By Voices

Released On:  Matador Records, 1996

Under The Bushes Under The Stars.  In the classic rock n' roll story that is GBV, the album is the beginning of the Big Change, where school teacher Bob Pollard's part-time band of uber-prolific garage rockers makes it (relatively) big and starts treading into the dangerous waters of Professional Rock.  It marked the first time the band didn't record everything themselves; Pixies and Breeders alum Kim Deal produced, adding proper volume consistency, and punchier sound.  It's also the first GBV album to feel like it's overstaying it's welcome; for a band that regularly put out 20-30 song albums, it is perhaps telling that the proceedings finally begin to drag a bit.  Most of it, however, is as brilliant as any thing else in the post-Propeller era.  "The Official Ironman Rally Song", their most accessible song to date, is the textbook example of a rock anthem.  "Your Name Is Wild", "Cut-Out Witch", and "Lord Of Overstock" find them with a punkier inflection courtesy of the new production kick.  "Bright Paper Werewolves", "Acorns And Orioles" and the haunting "Redmen And Their Wives" allow Pollard to show off his delicate, minor-key acoustic sensibilities (save for the loud-as-hell coda of the latter track).  An often-underrated indie classic from the Nineties' best band.

Where You'd Know It From:  "The Official Ironman Rally Song" had a video, that MTV played in the graveyard rotation.  I'm unsure as to whether or not MuchMusic ever played it.

Track Listing:
1.  Man Called Aerodynamics (2:01)
2.  Rhine Jive Click (1:34)
3.  Cut-Out Witch (3:04)
4.  Burning Flag Birthday Suit (2:22)
5.  The Official Ironman Rally Song (2:48)
6.  To Remake The Young Flyer (1:43)
7.  No Sky (2:03)
8.  Bright Paper Werewolves (1:14)
9.  Lord Of Overstock (2:34)
10.  Your Name Is Wild (2:01)
11.  Ghosts Of A Different Dream (2:30)
12.  Acorns & Orioles (2:12)
13.  Look At Them (2:27)
14.  The Perfect Life (0:59)
15.  Underwater Explosions (2:02)
16.  Atom Eyes (1:42)
17.  Don't Stop Now (2:39)
18.  Office Of Hearts (2:06)
19.  Big Boring Wedding (3:43)
20.  It's Like Soul Man (2:09)
21.  Drag Days (2:50)
22.  Sheetkickers (3:17)
23.  Redmen And Their Wives (3:55)
24.  Take To The Sky (1:50)

("The Official Ironman Rally Song")

("Redmen And Their Wives")

("Your Name Is Wild")

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