Friday, 18 March 2011

#490 - "The Final Cut" - Pink Floyd

Released On:  Harvest Records, 1983

Bitter, dour, politically volatile songs, full of distrust of the past and a grim, peculiarly English fear about what the future would hold:  It was The Wall, with all of the illusory feel-good moments cast aside.  The Final Cut, when Roger Waters saw the inherent problems with the rise of neo-conservatism in the early 1980s and for one moment found himself in perfect agreement with bands like Crass.  Gilmour hated it, of course, and would take the band in a much more pedestrian direction after Waters left (see:  The Division Bell), but what made The Final Cut really excel was never about what David Gilmour brought.  Waters himself had the best explanation:
     "The Final Cut was about how, with the introduction of the Welfare State, we felt we were moving forward into something resembling a liberal country where we would all look after one another...but I'd seen all that chiselled away, and I'd seen a return to an almost Dickensian society under Margaret Thatcher"
(From Comfortably Numb - The Inside Story Of Pink Floyd, Mark Blake, 2008)

Where You'd Know It From:  Your dad's Pink Floyd collection, your stoner buddy's Pink Floyd collection, your Pink Floyd collection (you pothead).  It's Pink Floyd.  I imagine you've heard of them?  No?  Too plebian for you?

Track Listing:
1.  The Post War Dream (3:00)
2.  Your Possible Pasts (4:26)
3.  One Of The Few (1:11)
4.  When The Tigers Broke Free (3:16)
5.  The Hero's Return (2:42)
6.  The Gunner's Dream (5:18)
7.  Paranoid Eyes (3:41)
8.  Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert (1:17)
9.  The Fletcher Memorial Home (4:12)
10.  Southampton Dock (2:10)
11.  The Final Cut (4:45)
12.  Not Now John (4:56)
13.  Two Suns In The Sunset (5:20)

Download It:


("The Postwar Dream")

("When The Tigers Broke Free")

("The Fletcher Memorial Home")

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