Tuesday, 29 March 2011

#477 - "Domination" - Morbid Angel

Released On:  Earache Records / Giant Records, 1995

The last great Morbid Angel record (ie the last to feature 'vocalist' David Vincent) is also the first album to (ever-so-slightly) slow the proceedings down and find a bit of a groove amongst all that brutal death metal.  The bass drums pounds as fast as ever on tracks like "Dominate" and "Eyes To See, Ears To Hear" but the real centerpiece is of course the five-minute heavy-groove odyssey "Where The Slime Lives", which was the first song I was ever shown by the man who taught me how to adapt a pentatonic scale to any situation, Saskatchewan guitarist Ben Winoski.  The "Slime Pack" special edition of the album tried to get gimmicky about it, but in true death metal fashion the slime in the cases was discovered to be actual toxic slime and thus was never released.  Br00tal as fvck, amirite?

Where You'd Know It From:  Those crazy longhair kids that always dress in black and blast impenetrable screaming music from their beat-to-shit cars.

Track Listing:
1.  Dominate (2:39)
2.  Where The Slime Live (5:26)
3.  Eyes To See, Ears To Hear (3:52)
4.  Melting (1:20)
5.  Nothing But Fear (4:31)
6.  Dawn Of The Angry (4:39)
7.  This Means War (3:12)
8.  Caesar's Palace (6:20)
9.  Dreaming (2:17)
10.  Inquisition (Burn With Me) (4:33)
11.  Hatework (5:47)

("Where The Slime Lives")


("Inquisition (Burn With Me)")

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