Sunday, 20 March 2011

#486 - "Didn't It Rain" - Songs:Ohia

Released On:  Secretly Canadian, 2002

Heartbreaking folk-rock haunted by the ghost of gospel, evocations of the Sixties hangover of After The Gold Rush; Jason Molina was in a blue mood (4 of the 7 song titles reference "blue") and wrung it out in gorgeous tones.  These are songs meant to be played live in front of a very small audience, confessionals built to be uttered in smoky, sweaty rooms with sticky draft beer.  "Ring The Bell" and "Steve Albini's Blues" exemplify the album:  sorrowful folk songs played on well-loved instruments that build into meditational drones  and harrowing blues.  It sounds best when only lit by candles.

Where You'd Know It From:  Not exactly obscure, but obscure in the "people-who-don't-spend-their-sad-lives-worrying-about-music" kind of way.

Track Listing:
1.  Didn't It Rain (7:49)
2.  Steve Albini's Blues (5:51)
3.  Ring The Bell (6:11)
4.  Cross The Road, Molina (6:00)
5.  Blue Factory Flame (8:29)
6.  Two Blue Lights (2:14)
7.  Blue Chicago Moon (6:49)

Download It:


("Ring The Bell")

("Steve Albini's Blues")

("Blue Chicago Moon")

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