Monday, 21 March 2011

#485 - "Album" - Girls

Released On:  True Panther Sounds, 2009

The end of the generation provided some of the haziest, druggiest good-time music since the Brian Wilson hit the ground tripping.  Unfortunately, a lot of it took the lo-fi aesthetic to an extreme, pushing their recording equipment into the red and layering everything with an obliterating swath of distortion.  Girls took the opposite approach, keeping the laid-back, sunny California stoner vibe and ditching the standoffish recording style.  The result is one of the chillest albums made in the last thirty years, ranging from the wistful sigh of "Lust For Life", the white-hot beach-punk of "Big Bad Mean Motherfucker" and hitting every point in between.  "Laura" is the perfect song for sitting in bright sunlight and pining after some girl; "Hellhole Ratrace" is just a perfect song.  If this is the kind of music that comes out of being a former member of the Children Of God cult then maybe more members should pick up instruments.

Where You'd Know It From:  Hipsters playing endlessly in the summer of '09, My Life As Liz.

Track Listing:
1.  Lust For Life (2:25)
2.  Laura (4:51)
3.  Ghost Mouth (3:11)
4.  God Damned (2:17)
5.  Big Bad Mean Motherfucker (2:15)
6.  Hellhole Ratrace (6:56)
7.  Headache (4:00)
8.  Summertime (5:39)
9.  Lauren Marie (4:58)
10.  Morning Light (2:36)
11.  Curls (2:08)
12.  Darling (2:59)

("Lust For Life")


("Hellhole Ratrace")

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