Saturday, 19 March 2011

#489 - "Drums Not Dead" - liars

Released On:  Mute Records, 2006

First off, those drums.  THOSE DRUMS.  If anyone were to ever ask for a working definition of "pagan" in relation to a drum sound, show 'em this album.  Recorded in a radio bunker in the formerly communist parts of Germany, those drums sound as though they're being pounded right beside you, sending seismic shocks through the deep parts of your soul.  Surrounding those drums are what is, for liars, a pretty ambient record:  where the album preceding it (2003's They Were Wrong So We Drowned) filled every available space with unsettling noise, Drums Not Dead is ripe with the sort of tension you feel alone, in a large house, just after sunset.  Then, right at the end, the band takes a hard left turn with "The Other Side Of Mr. Heart Attack" and ends the album with a brief moment of sunshine bursting through the windows.

Where You'd Know It From:  The Crystal Castles dancefloor remix of "It Fit When I Was A Kid", maybe.

Track Listing:
1.  Be Quiet Mr. Heart Attack! (3:28)
2.  Let's Not Wrestle Mr. Heart Attack (4:31)
3.  A Visit From Drum (4:19)
4.  Drum Gets A Glimpse (4:14)
5.  It Fit When I Was A Kid (4:02)
6.  The Wrong Coat For You Mr. Heart Attack (3:59)
7.  Hold You, Drum (4:42)
8.  It's All Blooming Now Mr. Heart Attack (3:09)
9.  Drum And The Uncomfortable Can (4:55)
10.  You, Drum (1:15)
11.  To Hold You, Drum (4:04)
12.  The Other Side Of Mr. Heart Attack (4:45)

Download It:


("It Fit When I Was A Kid")

("Lets Not Wrestle Mr Heart Attack")

("The Other Side Of Mr Heart Attack")

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