Sunday, 13 March 2011

#496 - "By The Way" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Released On:  Warner Brothers, 2002

Subtlety has always been one thing the Chili Peppers have been lacking.  The brand of party-ready funk-punk explosions they traded in for the better part of their career was always in-your-face, brash, and very obviously sexualized.  Even when they got soft (like on the ubiquitous "Under The Bridge") it was a very obvious ballad structure, easy to recognize and awash in rock-star heroics.  John Frusciante was always a bit more evolved than that, however.  His second trip through the band's lineup would prove to be that rare and valuable beast, music that is commercial and creative gold.  Of the post-Californication albums, By The Way is the most delicate in terms of mood and melody; there is grace even in the dirtiest of funk, and the band manages to stop sexin' you up and starts making actual love to you on several occasions.

Where You'd Know It From:  listening to modern rock radio, where many of these songs are in long-term rotation.  Or, I don't know, drawing breath and living in North America since 2002.

Track Listing:
1.  By The Way (3:37)
2.  Universally Speaking (4:19)
3.  This Is The Place (4:17)
4.  Dosed (5:12)
5.  Don't Forget Me (4:37)
6.  The Zephyr Song (3:52)
7.  Can't Stop (4:29)
8.  I Could Die For You (3:13)
9.  Midnight (4:55)
10.  Throw Away Your Television (3:44)
11.  Cabron (3:38)
12.  Tear (5:17)
13.  On Mercury (3:28)
14.  Minor Thing (3:37)
15.  Warm Tape (4:16)
16.  Venice Queen (6:07)

Download It:


(By The Way)

(The Zephyr Song)

(Can't Stop)

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