Monday, 14 March 2011

#494 - "Generic Flipper" - Flipper

Released On:  Subterranean, 1982

In the noise-drenched songs presented on Generic Flipper, it's easy to see the squalling backdrops that Kurt Cobain would polish up and turn into In Utero a decade later.  The Sabbath-tempo power chords grind out a druggy, draggy atmosphere that takes hardcore and makes it despair.  The result is a trance-inducing bit of bleak riff-mining, a drone album masquerading as an earth-shattering punk rock album.  Nowhere is this more present than on the two side-ending tracks, the eight-minute "(I Saw You) Shine" that ends side A with an epically drawn-out headbang moment and album-closer "Sex Bomb", a seven-minute-plus exploration of one fundamental, primitive groove; if not for this album, the Melvins would likely never have existed.

Where You'd Know It From:  That twitchy hipster-punk you knew in college who played it endlessly.

Track Listing:
1.  Ever (2:56)
2.  Life Is Cheap (3:55)
3.  Shed No Tears (4:26)
4.  (I Saw You) Shine (8:31)
5.  Way Of The World (4:23)
6.  Life (4:44)
7.  Nothing (2:18)
8.  Living For The Depression (1:23)
9.  Sex Bomb (7:48)

Download It:


("Sex Bomb")


("(I Saw You) Shine")

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