Friday, 25 March 2011

#480 - "Dear Science," - TV On The Radio

Released On:  Interscope, 2008

The brief, intense period of giddy hope that took place during and shortly after the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections had a soundtrack, Dear Science,.  It was also the moment when the Brooklyn band started injecting more pop into their careening experimentalism.  The result was a hooky, jazzy set of lean songs with passion and panache.  The propulsive thrust of "Red Dress" oozes sex, with horns and guitars twining around each other like lover's legs.  "Halfway Home" starts off in rather straightforward manner before leaping off into the mystic with an explosive push.  "Golden Age" (in itself a November '08 anthem) pushes and pulls with a sexy swagger.  "Family Tree" is the most accessible, immediate song in the TV On The Radio canon, an honest-to-god ballad by a band that had, thus far, completely eschewed such things.  A genuine "in-the-moment" classic.

Where You'd Know It From:  The album was a Top 40 hit.  "Golden Age" and "Dancing Choose" were both singles.  "DLZ" was used in Breaking Bad and The Vampire Diaries.

Track Listing:
1.  Halfway Home (5:31)
2.  Crying (4:10)
3.  Dancing Choose (2:56)
4.  Stork & Owl (4:01)
5.  Golden Age (4:11)
6.  Family Tree (5:33)
7.  Red Dress (4:25)
8.  Love Dog (5:36)
9.  Shout Me Out (4:15)
10.  DLZ (3:48)
11.  Lover's Day (5:54)

("Halfway Home")

("Golden Age")

("Family Tree")

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