Saturday, 11 June 2011

#457 - "And Don't The Kids Just Love It" - Television Personalities

Released on Rough Trade, 1981

Before shambling/C86, there was Television Personalities, the first stable full-length by Daniel Treacy as his soon-to-be-permanent nom-de-rock.  Recorded on 4-track tape machines at the dawn of the generation, it fully spelled out what lo-fi would mean for every poor hip rock band to follow, as well as the future career of Art Brut.  The album is also quintessentially British.  "Jackanory Stories" named for a popular BBC children's show of the time, may as well be the bowler-hatted, Micheal Caine-looking geezer on the cover.  "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives" is as sweet and addled as the man himself.  It was still essentially three-chord punk, but rooted firmly in the aesthetic of the Merseybeat.  Later, Treacy would release a number of albums that sold fairly well in Europe, develop a rather bad habit, and spend six years in another curiously Anglo construct, a prison ship.  This whole entry may as well be drinking tea right now.

This rather delightful article also posits that Treacy might be the shadowy brains behind another all-too-English band.
Where You'd Know It From:  You live in England, and/or you're a fan of obscure British rock bands.

Track Listing:
1.  This Angry Silence (2:39)
2.  The Glittering Prizes (3:01)
3.  World Of Pauline Lewis (2:38)
4.  A Family Affair (2:36)
5.  Silly Girl (2:49)
6.  Diary Of A Young Man (3:59)
7.  Geoffrey Ingram (2:15)
8.  I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (2:34)
9.  Jackanory Stories (3:04)
10.  Parties In Chelsea (1:41)
11.  La Grande Illusion (3:33)
12.  A Picture Of Dorian Gray (2:13)
13.  The Crying Room (1:59)
14.  Look Back In Anger (2:40)

("This Angry Silence")

("I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives")
("Geoffrey Ingram")

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