Thursday, 16 June 2011

#453 - "Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts" - Matthew Good Band

Released On:  Independent (Later A & M Records), 1995

Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts is the best-selling independently released album in Canadian history.  The mid-1990s were a boom time for the Canadian recording industry; the alternative revolution in the U.S. translated into a huge burst of alternative-leaning rock bands from the North.  Canada's rock history consisted for the most part of ex-pats (like Neil Young or the Band), and the Guess Who.  Our bands in the 90s, lacking a solid national tradition, tended to ape American rock bands like the Smashing Pumpkins (Our Lady Peace), Built To Spill (treble charger) or Nine Inch Nails (Econoline Crush).  Matthew Good was a step apart from these others; he always sounded as though he were treading a path of honest-to-goodness original thought.  There was perhaps more than a little R.E.M. guitar work going on in most of these songs but the lyrics, the vicious delivery and the mood of tonal despair are all very much his own.  Not one electric guitar was used on the record, either; just an ex-folkie's acoustic guitars run through Marshall stacks that powered such propulsive attacks as the gigantic "Haven't Slept In Years".

Where You'd Know It From:  You're Canadian, and you grew up in the 90s.

Track Listing:
1.  Alabama Motel Room (3:18)
2.  Symbolistic White Walls (4:30)
3.  She's Got A New Disguise (6:17)
4.  Native Son (4:52)
5.  Vermilion (4:49)
6.  Every Name Is My Name (4:00)
7.  Haven't Slept In Years (3:23)
8.  Radio Bomb (3:09)
9.  Fearless (5:15)
10.  The War Is Over (7:56)
11.  (Omissions Of The Omen) (4:32)

Download It:  There's no mediafire link, so find it at your own discretion (you may have to download an entire discography, or, I don't know, just buy the album)


("Symbolistic White Walls")

("Alabama Motel Room")

("Haven't Slept In Years") (The Raygun EP version)

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