Wednesday, 22 June 2011

#452 - "Meat Puppets II" - Meat Puppets

Released On:  SST Records, 1984

Meat Puppets II is an album that is simultaneously shitkicker music and music that will kick the shit out of you.  Songs like "Lost" and "Split Myself In Two" are just as much rooted in hardcore country-and-western traditions as they are in the anarchic spirit of hardcore punk.  The result is the perfect go-nowhere small-town punk album, music that makes you want to get drunk in the barn and crank it because your nearest neighbours are far, far away.  Kurt Cobain was very obviously a fan; three songs from Unplugged In New York, "Oh Me", "Plateau", and the funereal "Lake Of Fire", are included herein.  A lot of bands that would adopt the idea of "cowpunk" were largely NOFX-esque skater punk bands with a twang; the Kirkwood brothers actually got country, though, and realized that there was always a darkness hanging around at the edge of town.  Life was a black affair, and their adaptation of the 'poor white blues' incorporated this just as well as their mid-20th century influences did.

Where You'd Know It From:  Nirvana, again.  I'm sure most of the kids from the middle of the generation know about the band from Unplugged In New York.  

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Track Listing:
1.  Split Myself In Two (2:24)
2.  Magic Toy Missing (1:22)
3.  Lost (3:26)
4.  Plateau (2:22)
5.  Aurora Borealis (2:44)
6.  We're Here (2:43)
7.  Climbing (2:43)
8.  New Gods (2:12)
9.  Oh, Me (3:02)
10.  Lake Of Fire (1:57)
11.  I'm A Mindless Idiot (2:29)
12.  The Whistling Song (2:57)


("Oh, Me")

("Split Myself In Two")

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