Wednesday, 29 June 2011

#448 - "For Your Own Special Sweetheart" - Jawbox

Released On:  Atlantic Records, 1994

Jawbox were a typical victim of the Alternative Revolution; after achieving indie cred on the legendary Dischord label, they released two great but under-selling albums and imploded.  In Jawbox's case it's particularly hard to take, as their major label debut, For Your Own Special Sweetheart, is a pinnacle of indie rock circa the mid-90s.  It takes Fugazi-esque post-hardcore and makes it sound absolutely massive.  With a major-label recording budget behind them it avoids the middle-heavy muddle that other albums of the period trapped themselves in.  Each instrument is distinct and separate, which for a 1994 band with their sound is impressive (*cough* Sunny Day Real Estate *cough*).  It proves that sometimes it isn't necessary to constantly progress; it perfects the sound that at the time was still being called "emo".  It would never have succeeded anyway, not as a major label record; it's hooks aren't obvious enough, it's charms weren't as straightforward and easy for the masses to digest as Green Day and the Offspring would prove to be.  It's simply a blessing that some idealistic A&R guy at Atlantic took a chance on them in the first place.

Where You'd Know It From:  You were an indie-kid in the mid-90s, you remember when emo wasn't a dirty word, you got caught up in reissue fever in the late Oughts.  "Savory" was on MTV for a while in '94.



Track Listing:
1.  FF=66 (2:41)
2.  Savory (4:39)
3.  Breathe (2:47)
4.  Motorist (3:43)
5.  LS/MFT (2:50)
6.  Cooling Card (2:51)
7.  Green Glass (3:26)
8.  Cruel Swing (2:16)
9.  Jackpot Plus! (2:34)
10.  Chicago Piano (3:30)
11.  Reel (3:39)
12.  U-Trau (3:10)
13.  Whitney Walks (3:57)


("Cooling Card")


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