Thursday, 23 June 2011

#451 - "...And Out Come The Wolves" - Rancid

Released On:  Epitaph Records, 1995

...And Out Come The Wolves is, of course, one of the four major pillars of the second wave of punk, along with Dookie, Smash, and Stranger Than Fiction.  Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman had both done their time in legendary Berkeley ska-punk band Operation Ivy; they would carry that influence into Rancid, an influence that is instantly recognizable in the radio-invading bounce of a track like "Time Bomb".  That song and "Ruby Soho" shot the band straight into the awareness of the younger siblings of the grunge kids.  Other second-wavers like NOFX, Green Day, and Bad Religion would develop a slick pop sheen to their punk rock core but Rancid refused to shave all of their rough edges off; the vocals were still gritty, and the songs could have still held their own at a show in the anarchic communes (maybe).  These songs were their lives; they were restless, a little aimless, and infused with a burning desire to do something.   

Where You'd Know It From:  "Ruby Soho", "Time Bomb" and "Roots Radical" were all hits on rock radio in the 90s.

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Track Listing:
1.  Maxwell Murder (1:25)
2.  The 11th Hour (2:28)
3.  Roots Radicals (2:47)
4.  Time Bomb (2:24)
5.  Olympia Wa. (3:30)
6.  Lock, Step & Gone (2:25)
7.  Junkie Man (3:04)
8.  Listed M.I.A. (2:22)
9.  Ruby Soho (2:37)
10.  Daly City Train (3:21)
11.  Journey To The End Of The East Bay (3:11)
12.  She's Automatic (1:35)
13.  Old Friend (2:53)
14.  Disorder And Disarray (2:49)
15.  The Wars End (1:53)
16.  You Don't Care Nothin' (2:28)
17.  As Wicked (2:40)
18.  Avenues & Alleyways (3:11)
19.  The Way I Feel (2:34)

("Ruby Soho")

("Time Bomb")

("Roots Radical")

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