Tuesday, 28 June 2011

#449 - "Travels With Myself And Another" - Future Of The Left

Released On:  4AD Records, 2009

After this album leaked three months before its release date, singer Andy Falkous pitched a hissy fit about "entitlement" and "this valueless modern culture" that was stealing the bread from his mouth (conveniently ignoring the fact that as a regionally 'famous' punk rock band he likely wouldn't have made a bloody dime off his record sales anyway).  One thing he got right was that the album deserved "a fanfare and fuss befitting its status".  Featuring half of mclusky, the album exemplified the caustic wit and flair for the dramatic that the long-dead Welsh band had been known for, but shaved off the rougher edges and made it swing more.  It makes moments like the breakdown in "Arming Eritrea" or the buzz-bin-'92 riffing that propels "You Need Satan More Than He Needs You" all the more poignant.  Click the "BUY" link though, if only for the rest of us.

Where You'd Know It From:  You read hipster blogs.  

Track Listing:
1.  Arming Aritrea (2:57)
2.  Chin Music (1:56)
3.  The Hope That House Built (3:41)
4.  Throwing Bricks At Trains (2:36)
5.  I Am Civil Service (2:17)
6.  Land Of My Formers (2:47)
7.  You Need Satan More Than He Needs You (2:46)
8.  That Damned Fly (2:07)
9.  Stand By Your Manatee (2:08)
10.  Yin / Post-Yin (2:54)
11.  Drink Nike (2:33)
12.  Lapsed Catholics (4:15)

("The Hope That House Built")

("Arming Eritrea")

("You Need Satan More Than He Needs You")

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