Saturday, 25 June 2011

#450 - "Pink" - Boris

Released On:  Southern Lord Records, 2005

Japan and noise go hand in hand - their hardcore punk scenes are legendary and experimental artist Merzbow is internet shorthand for noise music.  Boris is the sludge of Japan's noise-punk community, playing heavy riffs like Sleep and Jesu with enough amplifier worship to wrap every note in an aura of screaming bright volume, but they still clung to the hardcore scene which they sprang from.  Pink was their most accessible album, if you can call it that, moving things into a more melodic direction but keeping the feedback-laden production.  The album opens with "Farewell", which brings the idea of metalgaze to the point of post-rock.  The temp then kicks up to a high degree.  Tracks like "Nothing Special" and "Woman On The Screen" were crash-along noisy hardcore; "Pink", "Blackout", and "Pseudo-Bread" came off as doom metal played by a thrash band.  The closing track, "Just Abandoned Myself", crushes out god-tier headbanging for nearly six minutes before resolving into twelve minutes of hazy, spaced-out feedback.  It sounds like nirvana being achieved in a sweaty basement filled to the choking point with weed smoke.

Where You'd Know It From:  Weirdos with imported music collections, metalhead P4K readers.




Track Listing:
1.  Farewell (7:33)
2.  Pink (4:20)
3.  Woman On The Screen (2:38)
4.  Nothing Special (2:18)
5.  Blackout (4:49)
6.  Electric (1:45)
7.  Pseudo-Bread (4:30)
8.  Afterburner (4:22)
9.  Six, Three Times (2:53)
10.  My Machine (2:01)
11.  Just Abandoned Myself (18:14)


("Nothing Special")


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