Saturday, 2 April 2011

#472 - "Treasure" - Cocteau Twins

Released On:  4AD, 1984

Treasure is, beginning to end, one of the most glorious pop albums ever recorded.  From the moment the drums kick in on "Ivo" and Elizabeth Fraser's soaring, unintelligible vocals begin their ascent, nothing is ever quite the same.  Throughout the album, guitars, synths, chimes, Fraser's voice and the band's Baroque sensibilities combine into the perfect example of what a pop band from 1984 should sound like.  It plays almost like the ultimate dream sequence, especially when you realize that you likely won't be able to understand a single word coming out of Fraser's mouth, but that at the same time it makes perfect emotional sense.

Where You'd Know It From:  Arty 80's-loving types, retro night at rock clubs.

Track Listing:
1.  Ivo (3:53)
2.  Lorelei (3:43)
3.  Beatrix (3:11)
4.  Persephone (4:20)
5.  Pandora (For Cindy) (5:35)
6.  Amelia (3:11)
7.  Aloysius (3:26)
8.  Cicely (3:29)
9.  Otterley (4:04)
10.  Donimo (6:19)




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