Tuesday, 19 April 2011

#464 - "Rid Of Me" - PJ Harvey

Released On:  Island Records, 1993

If her debut album, Dry, was full of "scorching guitar noise" (as the always-excitable NME put it), then her follow up, Rid Of Me, amps the scorch up to nuclear blast levels.  The heavy hand of Steve Albini is all over this record; the drums thump with tribal fury (although they're oddly hollow in spots) and the guitars are heavier than lead, but even in the midst of Albini's infamously crushing sound Ms. Harvey's voice cuts through with a lustful abandon.  It would be her last album as a real trio; during the tour (backing U2 on Zooropa) her 'band' broke up and she was left as a solo artist from then on.  The album remains a touchstone for what constituted raw songwriting in the early 90s, and certainly ranks as one of the best albums in PJ's discography.

Where You'd Know It From:  Feminist rockers, introspective and sorta dark art girls, grunge completionists.  Also, Beavis And Butthead reviewed "50 Foot Queenie"

Track Listing:
1.  Rid Of Me (4:28)
2.  Missed (4:25)
3.  Legs (3:40)
4.  Rub 'til It Bleeds (5:03)
5.  Hook (3:57)
6.  Man-Size Sextet (2:18)
7.  Highway 61 Revisited (2:57)
8.  50 Ft Queenie (2:23)
9.  Yuri-G (3:28)
10.  Man-Size (3:16)
11.  Dry (3:23)
12.  Me-Jane (2:42)
13.  Snake (1:35)
14.  Ecstasy (4:26)

("Rid Of Me")

("50 Ft Queenie")

("Highway 61 Revisited")

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