Monday, 11 April 2011

#466 - "Left And Leaving" - The Weakerthans

Released On:  G7 Welcoming Committee Records

John K Samson's last album for G7 is a perfect showcase for the subdued, wordy songwriting he split from Propagandhi to pursue.  Left And Leaving is a blend of wistful, emotionally complicated melody and Samson's literate, intricate lyrics; it's the perfect indie-punk album to show your Elvis Costello-loving dad.  "Aside" and "This Is A Firedoor, Never Leave Open" channel in part the aggressive spirit of his former band while opener "Everything Must Go!" and the heart-wrenching title track give voice to a much more vulnerable side.  Canada has produced a number of poets masquerading as lyricists of popular music; Left And Leaving  is Samson's entry into this club.

Where You'd Know It From:  Wedding Crashers used "Aside" and it's been Juno nominated.

Track Listing:
1.  Everything Must Go!  (4:35)
2.  Aside (3:21)
3.  Watermark (2:38)
4.  Pamphleteer (5:16)
5.  This Is A Fire Door, Never Leave Open (5:07)
6.  Without Mythologies (3:12)
7.  Left And Leaving (4:45)
8.  Elegy For Elsabet (6:20)
9.  History To The Defeated (3:55)
10.  Exiles Among You (5:11)
11.  My Favourite Chords (4:27)
12.  Slips And Tangles (3:00)

("Left And Leaving")


("This Is A Firedoor, Never Leave Open")

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