Monday, 4 April 2011

#470 - "The Midnight Organ Fight" - Frightened Rabbit

Released On:  Fat Cat Records, 2008

The album's name is euphemism for sex, and that's pretty much what Frightened Rabbit songwriter Scott Hutchison sticks to as he writes one of the most honest albums ever produced by rock 'n roll.  At some point before the authoring of the album, Hutchison broke up with someone.  By all accounts it was a bad breakup.  Out of it came this:  fourteen chiming indie-rock songs about failing relationships and sub-par sex.  It's especially hard to deny in the face of lines like "I'm drunk, I'm drunk / And you're probably on pills / If we both have the same diseases / it's irrelevant girl" or "The door shut, shut / I was vacuum packed / shrink wrapped out of air / and the spine collapsed / and the eyes rolled back / to stare at my starving brain"; they're the sort of things that hook you in instantly.

Where You'd Know It From:  It's been thrust into lots of TV appearances:  Grey's Anatomy, Chuck, One Tree Hill.  

Track Listing:
1.  The Modern Leper (3:48)
2.  I Feel Better (2:51)
3.  Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms (5:07)
4.  Fast Blood (3:47)
5.  Old Old Fashioned (3:43)
6.  The Twist (3:31)
7.  Bright Pink Bookmark (1:13)
8.  Head Rolls Off (3:44)
9.  Backwards Walk (3:30)
10.  Keep Yourself Warm (5:33)
11.  Extrasupervery (1:18)
12.  Poke (4:36)
13.  Floating In The Forth (4:14)
14.  Who'd You Kill Now? (1:05)

("The Modern Leper")

("Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms")

("Keep Yourself Warm")

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