Wednesday, 6 April 2011

#468 - "Diary" - Sunny Day Real Estate

Released On:  Sub Pop, 1994

This is emo.  Not My Chemical Romance, not The Used, not any of the thousands of crap scenecore bands littering the walls of 13-year olds across the continent.  This.  As the young man's answer to then-burgeoning riot grrrl scene, it excels; heavy post-hardcore with a haunting sense of melody and introspective, self-doubting lyricism.  With Diary, Sunny Day Real Estate took the breathy, urgent vocals and hardcore punk center of mid-80s Dischord releases and crossed them with the fuzzy sound of Nineties Seattle.  The result was a more accessible hardcore that yearned to love as much as it slashed and burned.  It sounds great when you're a freshman.

Where You'd Know It From:  The indie nerd on your dorm floor, hardcore kids with a sense of history.  Also, you'd probably know the rhythm section better as the rhythm section of the Foo Fighters.

Track Listing:
1.  Seven (4:45)
2.  In Circles (4:58)
3.  Song About An Angel (6:14)
4.  Round (4:09)
5.  47 (4:34)
6. The Blankets Were Stairs (5:27)
7.  Pheurton Skeurto (2:33)
8.  Shadows (4:46)
9.  48 (4:46)
10.  Grendel (4:53)
11.  Sometimes (5:42)


("In Circles")

("The Blankets Were Stairs")

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