Tuesday, 5 April 2011

#469 - "Fiestas And Fiascos" - Lifter Puller

Released On:  The Self-Starter Foundation / The Orchard, 2000

Before the blue-collar, Boss-esque rock 'n roll cautionary of the Hold Steady, Craig Finn fronted Lifter Puller, in which he used the same delivery he would later perfect on classics like Separation Sunday but backed them with spiky, angular New Wave.  It's a fascinating record, especially in light of later lines like "At least in dying you don't have to deal with New Wave for a second time".  Finn's vocals are quite suited to this kind of music; in some places it's hard to believe it's not just an experimental turn for his later band.  Lifter Puller has it's own internal storyline as well, one which comes to a completion on Fiestas And Fiascos with the burning down of the club that's central to the plot.  It's a record that continues to provide pleasant surprises, even as it's overshadowed by Finn's much-ballyhooed later work.

Where You'd Know It From:  Blog followers, snarky indie kids

Track Listing:
1.  Lonely In A Limousine (2:11)
2.  Candy's Room (1:54)
3.  Space Humping $19.99 (2:45)
4.  Manpark (2:33)
5.  Lake Street Is For Lovers (1:06)
6.  Nice Nice (3:35)
7.  Katrina And The K-Hole (2:07)
8.  Cruised And Accused Of Cruising (1:37)
9.  Touch My Stuff (2:36)
10.  Lie Down On Landsdowne (3:36)
11.  Lifter Puller Vs. The End Of The Evening (3:27)
12,  The Flex And The Buff Result (3:21)

("Lonely In A Limousine")

("Candy's Room")

("Nice Nice")

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