Saturday, 23 April 2011

#462 - "The White Birch" - Codeine

Released On:  Sub Pop, 1994

Codeine sounded just like the name implied:  slow and dreamlike.  Their final album was a culmination of every element that formed the band.  The guitars chimed in slow motion, with chords ringing in long spaces and arpeggiated figures stretching out into infinity.  The dynamic-shifting crunch was much more pronounced this time around, with tracks like the opener "Sea" and "Loss Leader" achieving moments of almost grunge-like zen.  If you're ever in need of an album to illustrate empty white spaces, or to soundtrack the howling sadness of long winters, this is the one.  One of the defining albums of "slowcore"

Where You'd Know It From:  Rather obscure, although if you've ever wandered alone through a blizzard, it sounds a lot like that.

Track Listing:
1.  Sea (7:21)
2.  Loss Leader (4:18)
3.  Vacancy (3:37)
4.  Kitchen Light (3:36)
5.  Washed Up (4:40)
6.  Tom (5:02)
7.  Ides (5:07)
8.  Wird (6:05)
9.  Smoking Room (3:18)


("Washed Up")

("Smoking Room")

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