Monday, 25 April 2011

#461 - "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" - The Cure

Released On:  Fiction Records, 1987

Equal parts mystery, anguish, and passion, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me was the album that broke the British goth-pop band Stateside.  The stormy love song "Just Like Heaven" entered the band into the Billboard Top 40 and into every sensitive boy's "Hey-I'm-Into-You" mixtape for the rest of time.  "Catch" was whimsical, wistful, and sad all at the same time, the culmination of all of the poppy instincts Robert Smith had finally stopped suppressing.  Twin singles "Why Can't I Be You" and "Hot Hot Hot!" were upbeat pop-funk numbers far removed from the depressed goth-psych of Pornography.  It wasn't all alterna-boy smiles and sunshine, though:  the opening lines to the album, several minutes into a tortured scrawl of guitar noise, were "Kiss me kiss me kiss me / your tongue is like poison / so swollen it fills up my mouth" and follows it up with a wail of "I never wanted any of this / I wish you were dead".  So, while it was definitively still the same band of downers, it was a far hookier band of downers than had ever existed before.

Where You'd Know It From:  "Just Like Heaven" has - and I'm serious here - been on every mixtape ever created, ever.  That lame 2005 rom-com was named after it, ferchrissakes.  Plus, it's the Cure.  Was there ever a band that more exemplified the 80s than The Cure?

Track Listing:
1.  The Kiss (6:17)
2.  Catch (2:42)
3.  Torture (4:13)
4.  If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (4:50)
5.  Why Can't I Be You? (3:11)
6.  How Beautiful You Are (5:10)
7.  Snakepit (6:56)
8.  Hey You! (2:22)
9.  Just Like Heaven (3:30)
10.  All I Want (5:18)
11.  Hot Hot Hot! (3:32)
12.  One More Time (4:29)
13.  Like Cockatoos (3:38)
14.  Icing Sugar (3:48)
15.  The Perfect Girl (2:34)
16.  A Thousand Hours (3:21)
17.  Shiver And Shake (3:26)
18.  Fight (4:27)

("Just Like Heaven")

("Catch") - May I just take a moment to curse WMG here?  The official music video is the first listing for the song on You Tube...but the good folks at Warner Music Group cut the sound out of it.  These dinosaurs actually seem to think that kids are going on You Tube to listen to music to avoid buying records.  Instead of, say, downloading it.  I'm sure you vestigal fucking remnants are losing your pristine Italian suits over some You Tube videos that were freely watchable on MTV in the late 80s.

("Why Can't I Be You?")

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